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Product Quality Commitment

Dear Customer:

First of all thank you for choosing to buy our products! In order to ensure product quality, clarify the responsibilities of both the purchaser and the seller for product quality, ensure product quality is qualified, ensure product safety, and earnestly fulfill the purpose of "serving users, being responsible for users, and satisfying users", our company has made the following quality to users Commitment guarantee statement, since the date of declaration, the vacuum interrupter products delivered from the factory are guaranteed to:

1. Delivery in time with quality and quantity as required by the contract.

2. When the purchaser does not specify technical standards, our products will be implemented in accordance with the current national or industry standards, and the stability and gradual improvement of product quality will be guaranteed.

3. For the quality problems found by the user during the use of the vacuum interrupter, the service personnel shall be dispatched in time after receiving the customer's notice, and the service personnel shall not leave the scene until the fault is not eliminated or the conclusion is made. During the warranty period, both parties confirm that the product is a quality problem, and strictly perform the compensation liability stipulated in the contract.

4. Implement quality "three guarantees" for the factory products, the product warranty period is one year, and the quality of the product will be tracked for life outside the warranty period.

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