China Yuguang Technology Co., Ltd.
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We must face ourselves, strengthen the concept of zero errors, and our own strength. One of the focuses of our work in the future is to build a strong brand image. In an increasingly competitive market environment, developing from a successful company to a successful brand is a key strategy for us to deal with challenges. However, in the strong market competition, brand has become an increasingly important force. This strategy is also applicable to our Yuguang Technology Co., Ltd. What we want to present to our employees, customers and the public is brand value, system solutions and our Perfect Service.


The company has domestic excellent professional production equipment and testing equipment, in strict accordance with national and industry standards, research and development, design, organization of production, and the entire process of quality control from raw material procurement to finished product delivery. Strictly implement the quality policy of "focusing on customer needs, based on R&D and production, continuously improving the quality system, and providing customers with satisfactory products".

Strict testing

"Quality is the life of an enterprise", all employees of the company always adhere to this tenet. The entire production process is controlled by the ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS45001 full quality assurance system, so that the selection, processing, production, and testing of each product have undergone strict Inspection to ensure that the product quality reaches the highest level.

Inherit the military quality and promote the national brand

We will firmly follow the tenet of "Quality First, Customer First", uphold "Excellent Service, Excellent Quality", inherit military quality, and promote national brands. With redoubled wisdom and courage, we seek the company's sustainable and healthy development, and seek to show its demeanor forever on the big stage of the times.

corporate philosophy

Business purposes: integrity, harmony, innovation, quality

Corporate Vision: Create China's vacuum interrupter brand

Corporate mission: to achieve customers, achieve brands, achieve employees

Corporate values: Suntech integrity, kindness and gratitude

Work style: dare to think, dare to speak, dare to do

Team concept: Carry forward the spirit of unity and create a happy enterprise

Innovation concept: creation is a century-old foundation

Quality concept: Only with good quality can there be a good market

Yuguang Technology strictly implements the ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS45001 quality/environmental management/occupational health and safety system and the concept of excellence in military manufacturing to provide users with high-quality products.

Quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety policy

l Survive by quality and thrive by technology;

l Save energy and protect the environment;

l People-oriented, to ensure safety.

Quality goal 

l Establish a quality management system in accordance with the standard ISO9001: 2015 and continue to improve;

l The pass rate of the product once-checking is over 99%;

l Customer satisfaction reaches more than 90%.

Environmental management goals

l 100% classified management and disposal of waste;

l Hazardous wastes are stored centrally and uniformly, with a safe disposal rate of 100%;

l Noise and waste water discharge up to standards.

Occupational health and safety management goals

l The fire/explosion accident rate is 0;

l No electric shock accident;

l No production safety accidents above serious injuries occur.

Environmental Management Commitment

l Establish and maintain an environmental management system, and continuously improve environmental management performance;

l Protect the environment, extensively carry out energy saving and consumption reduction, and rationally use water and electricity resources;

l Strengthen employees' environmental awareness, optimize resource allocation, and improve the ability of all employees to prevent pollution;

l Improve the monitoring and measurement of environmental performance and performance, and shape a new modern corporate image.