Jiangsu continues to release reform dividends for companies to save electricity

1 Direct transactions reached 53.4 billion kWh, and 925 customers participated in direct transactions. The customer-side electricity price was reduced by an average of 2.6 cents/kWh, saving power customers about 1.4 billion yuan in power purchase costs... Transcripts handed over since its establishment on 18th.

2 Since the new round of power reform, the scale of direct transactions in Jiangsu Electric Power has continued to expand. The scale of direct transactions and the number of participating users rank among the top in the country. Active market transactions have effectively enhanced the sense of reform of market entities.

3 The large-scale direct trading of electricity requires not only a good market mechanism, but also a strong market platform. Since the establishment of the Jiangsu Electric Power Trading Center, it has taken the initiative to serve reforms, serve market players, and actively build an open, transparent, and standardized operation of provincial-level power trading institutions.

4 So far, Jiangsu’s direct transaction electricity has reached 53.4 billion kWh, and the number of customers participating in direct transactions has reached 925, covering many large industrial enterprises, strategic emerging and high-tech enterprises in the province. On the customer side, the average price cut was 2.6 cents/kWh, which saved about 1.4 billion yuan in electricity purchase costs, which effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu’s industrial structure and released reform dividends. "Standardization and transparency are our working principles. In terms of transaction organization, contract management, transaction settlement, information release, etc., we strictly follow the requirements of relevant rules and regulations to ensure that direct electricity transactions are carried out in compliance with laws and regulations." Manager Feng Yingchun said. Focusing on the needs of market entities, the center has researched and compiled direct trading operation guides, power trading extranet operating instructions, etc., and carried out application training on the electricity trading platform of market entities in a timely manner, so that users can quickly grasp the operating procedures of each link of direct trading, and actively respond to and patiently answer the market. The subject's questions and consultations, and attentively provide better market services.

5 According to reports, the center gives full play to the technical support role of the trading platform. At present, the number of contracts decomposed into account numbers in Jiangsu has reached more than 2,000. Such a huge transaction volume can no longer be realized by manual processing. It must rely on a powerful power trading platform software system. Through the Jiangsu Power Market Trading Platform, the Jiangsu Trading Center completed the registration and filing of all 925 authorized users and 41 authorized power generation companies on the trading platform in a timely manner, and configured planning, trading, settlement units, on-grid electricity collection and settlement formulas. This effectively guarantees the smooth development of direct transactions in Jiangsu.

6 It is reported that in the near future, Jiangsu will organize centralized bidding transactions of about 5 billion kwh electric power customers on the platform, and carry out direct transactions between Shanxi Yangcheng Power Plant and Jiangsu electric power customers of about 1 billion kwh in order to further expand the transaction scale and enrich Trading method, active trading market.