Fujian Energy Regulatory Office actively promotes the reform of the electricity sales side in Fujian Province

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the "Response on Approving the Pilot Reform of the Electricity Sales Side in Fujian Province" and formally approved the Pilot Program for the Reform of Electricity Sales Side in Fujian Province. On September 6, the Fujian Energy Regulatory Office took active actions to implement the "Response on Approving the Pilot Reform of the Electricity Sale in Fujian Province", organized a special meeting to arrange and deploy the work related to the pilot, and promote the reform of the electricity sale of the province Pilot implementation work. Office leaders and all responsible comrades attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized that in accordance with the requirements of the approval and the division of responsibilities, we must give full play to our professional advantages, actively serve the overall situation of reform and development, and actively cooperate with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission to promote the implementation of the pilot reform of the electricity sales side, focusing on the following six aspects: First, we must promptly report to the province. Relevant power companies and users forward the documents approved by the state, and put forward implementation opinions based on the reality of Fujian Province; second, actively organize and carry out related publicity, training, and guidance, and step up research on related topics in the pilot reform of the retail side; third We must promptly formulate relevant market supervision measures, and take the lead in the formulation of market rules on the electricity sales side; fourth, we must focus on cultivating electricity sales market entities, conduct ground-breaking investigations on enterprises willing to participate in the reform of the electricity system and carry out electricity sales services, and promote the establishment of a number of qualified Retailers of electricity sales business; Fifth, strengthen post-license management, study power supply business licenses and business area management methods that adapt to the new situation of power system reform, and implement supervision of market order and transaction behavior, and market entry; six points Seriously study and explore market-oriented transactions of auxiliary services, establish a new mechanism for sharing and sharing auxiliary services, and strive to make breakthroughs in the construction of auxiliary service markets.

The meeting proposed that the pilot work should always adhere to and grasp the four basic principles: first, we must adhere to the pilot program, and focus on the points; second, we must adhere to steady progress to ensure power safety; third, we must adhere to the balance of interests to ensure a win-win situation for all parties; fourth, we must insist on strengthening peace Innovate supervision to ensure that the power grid is open and fair without discrimination. The meeting requested that the promotion of the pilot reform of the electricity sales side in Fujian Province should be the top priority of the current energy supervision work, and the whole office should be put in place to promote the implementation of the tasks of the pilot, so as to achieve substantial breakthroughs in the pilot work of the power reform in Fujian. Play a greater role.