European Commission: the minimum import price of China's crystalline silicon photovoltaic products will decline every quarter

  • pv-magazine
  • 2017-09-19 09:15:51

The European Union has announced its commitment to China's crystalline silicon photovoltaic products and the minimum import price (MIP). As suggested in July, MIP will now begin to decrease seasonally, starting in October. For some Chinese manufacturers, MIP and variable liability will be applied in the future.

The European Commission approved new rules for a temporary review of the minimum unit price commitment. According to a decision released on Saturday, MIP will decline every quarter.

In the future, there will be a difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells and modules. MIP will begin to decrease in October and have been frozen during the inspection period. According to the official journal of the European Union's data, in October 1, 2017 after the price for silicon € 0.19/W single silicon battery for $0.23 /W, while the solar module price is 0.37 euros / watt for single Si, single Si 0.42/W.

Then plans to gradually reduce MIP. By the third quarter of 2018, it is expected to fall between 0.18 euros (units) and 0.35 euros (units).

After Taiwan manufacturers complained, the authorities worried about the price of Taiwan was rejected by the committee. However, attention should be paid to the progress of the investigation by the Taiwan fair trade commission.

Meanwhile, Brussels has refused to complain, and MIP's cuts have been slow. The committee is of the view that prices will not be significantly lower than the first quarter of September 1, 2011, following a sharp fall in prices over the past three years, the committee said in 2017.

MIP applies to all PV manufacturers involved. Since the beginning of the pledge, a number of people have been deported or opt out of the agreement voluntarily.

For a large number of photovoltaic manufacturers in China who are not involved in the commitment, the minimum import price and variable tax rate will be used in the future. China's photovoltaic production enterprises outside the anti-dumping duty is currently between 27.3% to 64.9%. An increase of 11.5% countervailing duty. Publishing House said that the comprehensive duties to be levied in the future should not be higher than 76.4%.