Germany requires wind power projects to be 1.5 kilometers away from the city

  • 风电峰观察
  • 2017-09-20 08:47:25

Recently, Germany's most populous state of North Rhine Westphalia (North-Rhine Westphalia CDU/FDP) the new coalition government issued a decree to set a new distance requirement for wind farm.

Source: WeChat public number "wind peak observation"ID:fengdianfengguancha

Under the act, wind power developers need to ensure that wind power projects are 1.5 km away from urban areas and are no longer allowed to install wind turbines in forests.

The government said the legislation may come into effect in early 2018, and stakeholders must listen to the law two times before October 20, 2017 and make comments.

The new regulations will begin to reduce the wind power expansion plan from 2019, the wind power industry faces the risk, last month, a total of 60 wind power industry company warned in a joint statement.

Last year, the state installed about 220 typhoon units, in addition, the developer also received a construction permit of 450 units, the cumulative capacity of 1.2GW.