Safety technical operation regulation of high voltage cabinet

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  • 2016-10-31 13:48:21

Safety technical operation regulation of high voltage cabinet:

1. Work on all or part of the live plate shall be separated by a distinct indication of the inspection and operating equipment.

2 、 the two winding of current transformer and voltage transformer should have permanent and reliable protection earthing.

3. The following safety measures shall be taken when working on the two circuit of the current transformer:

3.1 do not disconnect the current circuit.

3.2 in order to reliably short-circuit the two coil of the current transformer, a short circuit and a short line must be used.

3.3 prohibit any work between the current transformer and the short circuit terminal and the wire.

4, in the operation of the voltage transformer two circuit work, should take the following safety measures:

4.1 strictly prevent short circuit or earthing.

4.2 insulation tools and insulating gloves should be used and the relay protection devices should be deactivated before necessary.

4.3 the temporary load must be fitted with special switches and fuses.

4.4, the two circuit test, in order to prevent the two side of an inverse voltage change, in addition to the two circuit is broken off, but also should take the next fuse.

4.5 before the two circuit power or pressure test, should notify the duty officer and relevant personnel, and sent to guard the scene, check the loop, confirmed that no work before the pressure.

4.6 check the power failure protection and the two circuit staff, without the permission of the duty officer, are not allowed to perform any switching operation.